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Physiology or Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill?

A photo of Micaela Micaela
Which major would benefit me more? I'm a pre-med student with an end goal of becoming a forensic pathologist.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I have taken both as courses in my program and personally I found anat&phys way more useful than cell bio. In an anat&phys stream, you will undoubtedly also take pathoanatomy, pathophysiology etc where you learn the anatomical and physiological bases behind different pathologies and that will definitely apply to your future career. Cell bio is a lot of intracellular stuff - signaling pathways, cell contact, genes etc.
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A photo of Nyx Nyx
Well, i haven't taken any of those, but i think the anatomy and physiology would be more applicable to pathology.
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