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Physitherapy School with a psych undergrad?

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I am thinkng about attending physiotherapy graduate school once Iam finishd my undergrad.I know that a high GPA & prerequisite courses e required to be considered but I was wondering if it is possible to do PSYCHOLOGY (Bsc) undergrad and get into physiotherapy school? I know hat physotherapy school requires courses in sciences as well as social sciences. I thought doing a psychology degree would be much easier and allow me a much better GPA and chance of gettting into graduate schools then a degree in biology or health studies. does anyone reccomend doing a psych degree en route to becoming a physio? like will probably be allowed enough electives in this program to mke sure I cover all the prerequisite coures needed for entry into physio school?

thank you! :)

(also, I will most likely be doing psych (Bsc) at York for the sake of staying at home)
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