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Pick the Easiest or Hardest Math (McGill)?

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Hey guys,

I'm going to Desautels and two of the mandatory courses are math (Math 122 and Math 123). However, I can also upgrade these to harder math (Math 139/140/141 and Math 133) in cause I want to do an econ or math major/minor. I'm nearly certain neither of these will be my major or minor, but should I still take the harder math?

Anyone have experience with these in our out of Desautels?
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Since you are debating between econ and math... keep your options open and take the harder math. If you don't have much trouble in math, I don't suspect that you'll have too much trouble taking the harder classes. If you wanna do more math later on (level 200 courses and above), you'll need Math 140, 141 and 133 unless you do math for business majors or whatever.
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