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So i already got an offer from laurier university but after that I got caught plagarising an english assignment..now does this mean that the university will take back their offer ? ! i am really scared! i really want to go to laurier! i know i shouldn't have plagarised and i feel really bad but would the university see this and take their offer bacck !?
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
Thankfully for you, high school plagiarism doesn't go on your record the same way it would in university. What I say is to let this be a learning opportunity. Although your shortcut may have only got you a 0 on an English assignment, the consequences in university will be much more severe. That said, your offer may be rescinded if you fail to get the minimum mark you need for the conditions of your acceptance (since you got a 0 on an assignment, I assume). I suggest you work hard (and honestly!) for the remainder of the year so that you will still be able to get to university and show them who's boss!
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A photo of blurX blurX
Oh noes!!! Your teacher has caught your plagiarism. Even though you know that you did plagiarize, immediately deny that you didn't without hesistation. As your teacher prepares to question and torture you, never, ever, admit that you ever plagiarized. Blame it on someone else if you possibly could, like your demon possessed HP printer. Make up lies. Run. Kill your teacher. Do what ever it takes to escape. But, if you do get caught, you will be forced to do horrible things. One of these many tortures are excessive kitten huffing, turtle washing, and having an endless sitting fiesta. You may even be forced to sleep with your old wrinkly teacher in order to pass you course. The horrors!
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Did you get suspended? What was your punishment?

I was suspended recently and i spoke to my vice principal regarding university and how this will affect me. He said all school records stay internally. The only way for a university to access this information is if your school physically calls or emails them. So do not worry.

The whole "permanent record" thing is a bluff.
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A photo of treecows treecows
Universities don't see your high school records. Next time don't plagiarize. If you do, at least be smarter about how you do it.
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