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please answer !

A photo of samacheampong samacheampong
Alright so ive applied for the ryerson business management program and i recently recieved my 1st semester grades from school.
business leadership:94
i know my english mark is horrible and i definitely do plan on bumping it! my question is ... will ryerson make me bump my mark? and if i do would i get in.. and when.. and also would i be thrown on the bottom of the list? seeing as my second semester marks are going to be really good? plz help!
This is the program im really looking forward to getting an acceptance from ! so if you can answer me it will be greatly appreciated!
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A photo of Windsongs4 Windsongs4

okayy- i am just guessing here, but ryerson would have a min eng mark of 70 right? so bump up english. if ur second sem marks are better- then good. you won't get an early acceptance, but once midterms are out -April- and they see your bumped english mark and second semester marks, i think they will consider you. i would expect an acceptance early may?

good luck!
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A photo of GWrap GWrap
I just got accepted to Retail Management at Ryerson. But I would preferably like to be accepted to the Business Management program.

My marks 1st semester were:

International Business:90
English: 84

Overall average first semester : 83.75

Right now I am taking Advanced Functions, Economics, and Data Management. I am really struggling in Data Management but I think I can pull off above 80 in economics and above 70 in functions.

So to sum it all up do you think I will get accepted to Business Management at Ryerson? I found it weird that they accepted me to the one program after seeing my marks but not the other.

Will appreciate all you replies! :)
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