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Please help me....I need advice!!

A photo of theshiningstar88 theshiningstar88
I am a gr.11 student going to school in BC. This year has been very difficult for me due to emotional and social(friends and family) problems, and these problems have had a very negative impact on my academic performance. I have just finished my first semester, and these were my grades:

Chemistry 11 = 75%
Math 11 = (either in the high 70's or low 80's)
Biology 11= 90%
Science Humaines 11 (Social Studies 11) = 90% - I am in French Immersion.

I have always been a straight A student, but ever since grade the end of grade 9 I have found it more difficult to maintain that status. In grade 10, I started noticing these difficulties, but I managed to get through the year with a 93-94% average and rank among the top 15 students in my grade. I know that I could have at least gotten an A in both chemistry and math (the curriculum wasn't that hard), but I was too busy dealing with all my other problems to focus on my school work. I know that I still have second semester to bring up my mark, but I am worried about my first semester and how that will impact my chances of getting in to a good university. I would like to become a doctor, and from what I know already, potential medical students need to have extremely good grades. So my question is if I should be worried about these marks, and if so, whether I should retake the courses during summer school. I would like to be eligible for entrance scholarships, but I'm not sure if my grades are high enough. Also, do universities like UBC and U of T mind retakes that occurred in gr. 11, or do they generally dislike that sort of thing?

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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
Grade 11 marks won't affect your University life. They only matter for early acceptance.

It's good that you're concerned enough to ask, though. I went through trouble in grade 10 and 11 as well, and as long as you can pull together with a good grade 12 average, you should be good to go!
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A photo of leahquin leahquin
You will be fine in terms of university. For scholarships, so many are not really focused so much on academics as extracurriculars and volunteering. Keep those through high school and university and Med school will be snapping you up in no time :)
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A photo of Imagine Imagine
Don't worry about your grade 11 marks. If you work hard to improve your marks in grade 12 and you're involved in a variety of different extracurriculars you will be fine when it comes time to apply for university and scholarships.
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A photo of MelRadford MelRadford
I totally empathize with you, as I also had difficulties - relating to health issues - that affected my performance in High School - although in my case it just took me longer to complete, and luckily my marks didn't suffer too badly (perfectionist, can't help it!)- I did have to drop all my extra curriculars and volunteer and work positions, which are also important for application stuff. However, I am able to find plenty of scholarships that don't weight this to heavily - and most that I've seen only deal with Grade 12 marks so you should be okay, but my advice would be just look harder for ones that you think you have a shot.

As for school entrance, I don't think you have to worry about that either.
I was actually accepted early to U of C and they didn't look at anything other than Grade 12. Just make a big push next year to get the grades you want and get where you want to go! You should do fine.
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A photo of gabid6 gabid6
I'm in French Immersion too (probably in the same school :P). I've been maintaining honour roll throughout high school, and every once in a while I get straight A's. I've applied to UBC Sciences this year, and I'm also trying to get an entrance scholarship. My marks aren't as high as most trying to get scholarships, but I'm hoping my essay writing skills and good relations with teachers in school and in the community will help me have a chance.

Unfortunately, to apply for entrance scholarships at UBC, you have to get permission from your guidance counsellor and be in the top 2% average of your graduating class. I'm NOT in the top 2. I went to talk to the counsellor, and she said I still might have a chance if the top students aren't interested. For her to give you permission, UBC must be your top choice. As far as U of T goes, I'm not so sure.

My advice: don't bully yourself over grade 11 marks, grade 12 is the truly important year. I hope you have the chance to sort out your family/friend issues, and remember to have fun for the rest of the year. Pull up your marks if you can, it can't hurt, but don't worry too much!
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A photo of theshiningstar88 theshiningstar88
Thanks for the great advice! =)
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A photo of sroberts sroberts
I don't know too much about how this stuff works in BC, but I'm in Saskatchewan and I think a lot of it is the same. When I applied to university, my whole high school transcript was sent in. I believe for early entrance they looked at my grade eleven marks and 1st semester grade twelve. If you can pull together your average right from the beginning of grade twelve, you should be okay. And if you don't get in early entrance, they can use more grade twelve marks if you apply in the spring.

As for scholarships, I think there are many that focus mostly on volunteer experience and extra curricular activities. For the most part, I think scholarship committees want to see that you are involved in your community, are an asset to your community, that you can balance school work and other involvements, and that you're just generally well-rounded.
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A photo of adriennedunbar adriennedunbar
You'll be just fine! If you're worried about acceptance talk to your guidance councelor.. most schools have a form you can fill out if your grades are lower than usual.
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