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please, I really need some opinions

A photo of Adui Adui
What's your opinion on applying to either geography or environmental studies?
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A photo of riverbkstar riverbkstar
I understand where your coming from. It seems lik e a pratical education to get in university. not 2 hard doesnt require high high high marks. but re evaluate this program. you want a field that A. will pay well and B actually give you a job once you get out of school right. who wants to be poor till they r 28 5 yrs after graduation still being a cashier or waiter because they cant find a job in what they loved to do? its a good job IF u can find one. and thats a big If. you dont see ads everywhere for environmental specilaists. you see ads for doctors. i know that might not be what you want but if this truly is make sure you kow what your getting into . dont take it to take it. take it cuz u wanna do it and it will be a job for u in 4 5 years if not then i dont recomend it. however if its what you want go for it. it may not be a best job but ur happiness is what counts
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A photo of Saruna Saruna
I considered going into environmental studies for a long time, but instead chose geography since it seemed like a better fit for what I want to do when I graduate, which is go into urban planning. But I think with a field like geography, and even environmental studies, you should be prepared to get a masters degree since its hard to find a really good, stable job in this economy. So if you really like one, study it. Then if you cannot find a job right away and your marks were good, you might be able to get another degree to make you more competitive.
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A photo of ffcelik ffcelik
Unlike what the others are saying, I think that opportunities will come up once you're doing your degree. I mean, you don't necessarily HAVE to BE an environmentalist, I'm sure there will be more options. On the other hand, a masters IS a good idea like Saruna said, or you could get a law degree and become an environmental lawyer, or you could go to teachers college after university and become a geography teacher.
Options are open. :)
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