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Please Need Advice: Can I get into Laurier?

A photo of LaurierBBA LaurierBBA
Hi guys, I just wanted to get some opinions on how likely I am to get into the Laurier BBA program next year. Right now, I applied to Laurier, Schulich (my mom wanted me to) and Mcmaster (safe pick) but I only really want to go to Laurier!

I was thinking before about my marks, but then I remembered they will be looking at the 2nd semester midterm marks, where my marks should hopefully be a little higher. So can I make it in with this stuff:

93 in International Business (final)
88 in Law (final)
95 in Finance (projected)
87 in Advanced Functions (night school course projected)
85 in English (projected)
76 in Calculus (projected)

In first semester I had a horrible functions teacher but so far my Calculus teacher seems amazing and I'm loving how he teaches, plus I feel like I can be more successful the second time round. Plus I heard night school is supposed to be easier, and this is essentially the same course again.

In terms of EC's, I have a few that I can put:

-Vice President of a Partnership Selling Business (this ran as part of our Entrepreneurship course last year in Grade 11, we did get the business signed up legally though and my partnership trio was the highest selling group out of 6, ran for 6 weeks with selling 2 days a week)

-Performed at a benefits concert where the proceeds went to sick kids

-Regular performer at our spoken word/poetry club (I go every week pretty much, and we have around 50-75 people on hand each week)

-Member of the Cultural Mosaic club at our school

And some EC's I hope to get up untill the April 15th ABS deadline

-Concert MC (I wanna host this concert we're doing with Cultural Mosaic, right now I have a 50/50 chance of being able to host this)

-Volunteer hours (I only have 4 right now, I know I need to get on it, but hoping to bump this upto around 60+ before April)

I'm just wondering will they allow the fact that I'm heavily involved in these clubs over the "leadership" they hope to see. Spoken word is like a Def Jam Poetry type thing and surely if you perform you are displaying some skills? Thats also why I want to host the concert, since im guessing that will be considered leadership. And would they accept my volunteer hours if I got it upto that so late, I heard some universities don't honour stuff done close to the deadline since it was rushed, but can I state volunteer hours done between March 2010-April 2011?

Again, if anyone can reply to this its well appreciated!! I honestly benefit alot from the input on this forum, and got some good replies in the old forum last time. Thanks again :)
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A photo of dvan dvan
Fill out the ABS form if your worried, but I think you should be fine. Your looking at an 87% avg, which I think is solid for Laurier.
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A photo of LaurierBBA LaurierBBA
Do I have strong enough EC's to help my chances even if I don't make the cutoff though, even if I don't manage to get the last 2 accomplished?

And for awards received in the last few years, I don't really have much to put on the ABS, nothing that would stand out, is this ok? I've made honour roll the last 2 years but I doubt that means much.
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A photo of g93 g93
The average for Laurier will likely be about 86, although could be 87 (have heard as high as 88, but that is doubtful). As long as you are above the cutoff, you will receive an offer. Try to bump up your overall average to ~87/88, and you should be good.

As for your ECs, they seem solid (better than mine), although I am not really sure what they consider good and bad really, but I'd say you're as good or better than most I have heard of. Having a well-written ABS wil lalso contribute to you getting one of those last offers. For awards, definitely put honour roll, and try to think of anything you have won in the last four years. Anything.

Don't know if that made sense. Hope that helps :cheers:
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