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Political science - UBC or McGill ?

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I applied to UBC and McGill for arts (hoping to major in political science and maybe economics as well), so these are the questions i have in mind.

1. What's the difference in curriculum in Political Science (PS) and economics between both uni ?

2. Which has a better reputation in PS?

3. Does UBC grant advanced standing for those who did A levels/IB? And is it the same for McGill?

4. I'm accustomed to big city life (though i don't mind doing sports and exploring nature once in a while). So which city would be the right one for me - Vancouver or Montreal?

5. I heard that UBC marks less stringent than McGill. Is it true?

6. I'm considering working in Canada upon graduation. So which uni has better job prospects for Arts graduates?

7. Can anyone who has been to both or either uni tell me how they are like?

Sorry for the trouble! :)
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