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Political Science ???

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I'm currently debating between two universities and I was wondering if you guys could give me some help.

I anticipate my average to be around 93/94 and I have plenty of extra curriculars so I'm not that worried about getting into the programs. I want to go to an Ivy League Law School after undergrad and want to pursue a career in public administration/public policy. ie dealing with education policies, healthcare, crime etc..

McGill - Political Science/Economics
Pros: Great international rep, will be surrounded with equally smart students from all faculties
Cons: Notorious for grade deflation, might be harder to get good positions in various extra curriculars (debate teams, student council etc) since the students all smart and very ambitious, doesn't offer any majors/minors in Public Administration

Ottawa - Joint Honours Political Science/Public Administration
Pros: Co-op offered, offers a program that directly relates to what I want to do, "easier" to get a high GPA, easier to get good exec positions, located in the Capital, offers a BSocSc (Bachelor of Social Sciences) as apposed to a generic B.A
Cons: McGill's PoliSci program may be better than Ottawa's and I don't want to be unprepared for the real world, I don't want to "concede" to a "lesser" university

Law Schools look at your undergrad GPA, extra-curriculars and LSAT scores. Do Law Schools "rate" universities for grade deflation and discriminate between applicants from different universities?

Does anyone know how good McGill's Arts program or Ottawa's PoliSci/PublAdmin program are through first hand experiences/friends?
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Personally, I'd choose McGill. But you seem to be leaning towards Ottawa.

Law schools do not have the time to verify the difficulty of your school. The only exception to such indifference is if the school you graduated from sends an official document explaining some sort of deflation policy (Princeton does this, McGill does not). However, if your goal is an Ivy law school, McGill's name will fare much better than Ottawa's because American schools do take reputation into account.
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It all depends on what you want, if you want a better social life and more time to yourself then choose the easier one and get that higher GPA because at the end of the day the higher GPA wins the entrance to law school, not 'prestige'
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bump :bball:
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Ottawa is the best choice.
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From my research it seems that law schools don't really care where you do your undergrad. As long as you have a good GPA and ECs, you will probably be fine. Obviously this is to a certain extent. Going to McGill would be better than going to Brock, but for the most part they don't care too much where you go. Ottawa is a good enough school that you probably don't have to worry.
With that said, I have heard that it is quite difficult to maintain a competitive average at McGill. Obviously this depends on the person and program, but most people I know who go there find it difficult to get an above average GPA.
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