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Political science vs. arts and business

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Which program is more useful and will be easier to get a job after uni graduation?
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Your choice of program really doesn't matter much in the long run when you apply for jobs in poli sci/arts. Now, I'm not saying that you can expect to get an exciting job in politics-related work without any theoretical knowledge. I'm saying that most jobs (especially the fun ones) in that field require advanced degrees, like law or a masters or a PhD (which are a dime a dozen these days, so you should really go a step beyond that).

If you want an easy time getting a job immediately after graduation, your best bet is to study something technical and network like crazy during your undergraduate years. But if poli sci is what you must absolutely do to obtain maximum utility in your life, I have a few suggestions. Respects is right to point out that co-op is important. Relevant work experience is the key thing employers look for when they're hiring. It doesn't necessarily have to be paid, but whatever you do should show that you have a long-term commitment to and interest in the field.

The belief that just the simple act of graduating from [name your favourite "elite" program] will guarantee you jobs immediately afterward is largely a myth in today's society. Getting a job requires a lot more work, planning, and sometimes even sheer luck that most people, especially high school students, frequently like to downplay.
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