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Political Science?

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I've applied to Mac, Laurier, UTSG, York and Western for Political Science. I plan on going into Law School, so that would require a high GPA. Which school do you think I would benefit most from? I haven't heard much about school's political science programs so I pretty much have no idea where to go.. any advice? Also I plan on living on res so any tips on choosing what school to go to would be great!thanks:)
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Anyone here will tell you to go to the school closest to where you live so you can save money, but I'll tell you to do whatever you feel is right.

In all honesty a B.A. is a B.A. and I'd choose a school that has a respected Department in Political Science, that being said avoid places like McMaster :P

Out of the schools you've applied to U of T and York are really top notch in terms of Social Sciences, by top notch I mean these programs are respected and taken seriously!

There is a student on here who will most likely answer your question, their name is Lawstudent1
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