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Politics, Philosophy, Economics (PPE) at UBC Vancouver?

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Ok, so I'm going into second year Arts at UBC Vancouver in September and since I finished my exams I've been checking out majors and whatnot. I noticed that at UBC Okanagan you can take a major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) based on the program they offer at Oxford University. This program sounds great for me but is only offered at UBCO right now. Do you think they'll bring it over to UBC Vancouver any time soon? I'm not planning on transferring just to do this or anything, it would just be cool to take if UBC Van offered it!

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It is offered at UBC-V; however, it's a part of the first-year CAP program and not a major.


I'm considering CAP (for PPE), but in all honesty, I reaaaally don't want to take philosophy so I'll just make my own timetable.
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Yeah I remember seeing it as a CAP stream, but the thing is, I started at UBC in the faculty of Science and transferred to Arts after a term, so I couldn't do it then.
However, I've more or less taken all the courses that the PPE CAP stream put you in. I'm just going to catch up with the Econ courses next year so I can take upper level ones in 3rd or 4th year, maybe minor in it.
If I could have done, I would have taken a CAP timetable. Don't worry about Philosophy, I've really enjoyed it this year (Phil 101 and 102) and it definitely helps with Poli Sci courses (especially Poli 100, if you take that).
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