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Possibly changing programs

A photo of Penguineer Penguineer
Okay, so I applied to UOttawa Biochem/Chemical Engineering program
I received an early acceptance last month but now Im wondering if I can change the program I applied to.
I know that you can change it through ouac, but can i still change it if Ive already been accepted? Im assuming my early accpetance will be cancelled if I try to change it?
The thing is, I want to change to simply Chemical engineering. If I were to call would they just transfer me into that department since I kind of already got accepted for it? I assume I would have the same classes since Im only dropping the Biochem part.
Also the entrance average for this program is lower than the one I got into.

I just want to make sure I try everything before I pester them by calling.
Any ideas?
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A photo of VanessaGlasby VanessaGlasby
Changing programs during your first year is no big deal... I actually did it myself (I switched from political science to sociology). For right now, you could try contacting the registrar's office at the university either via phone or e-mail. Otherwise, it's quite easy to change programs after you get there by talking to the head of your department. Don't stress out about it too much, it's really not a problem!
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A photo of Jordan23 Jordan23
On OUAC, can I still change a program I applied for to another program at a different school? Is it too late?
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