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Pre-vet: volunteer experience near UofGuelph

Hello! I'm a highschool student looking forward to applying for OVC @ UofGuelph

I know vet experience is very important when applying for OVC, so I was wondering if there are many opportunities available around the university. I heard UofGuelph is heavily populated with students applying for OVC. Is that true? Does that mean finding a place to gain experience will be competitive?

Thanks for any feedback!
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Hey! It is competitive...but there are things you can do to get ahead of everyone else. Ill share some secrets haha, first, do a coop at a vet! There's volunteer positions at the OVC but you NEED vet experience to be considered to volunteer there. ALSO a lot of places look at those that have their rabies vaccine before those who don't so if you can get that now, its something you wont have to do when youre here. Keep in mind though, there's SO many opportunities to get experience through the university. They have a volunteer connections center that connects you with anything youre looking for. If you want animal experience, they will find you something. Just to name a few, the OVC has PLENTY of positions although everyone flocks towards those, it isnt impossible to geta position...they have a teaching hospital, foal watch (horses) etc. You can also apply to volunteer for wild ontario which is a bird of prey conservatory on campus, theres the donkey sanctuary in guelph, the humane society, the puppy fostering programs, theraputic horseback riding centers, too many animal hospitals to count, trust me..if you put the work in, theres no way you wont have a position somewhere. Any experience is valuble
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Thanks for your kind response. Guelph seems like it has many great opportunities! 
Just one more question. How is a coop at a vet clinic different from volunteering/shadowing? Are many veterinarians willing to accept coop students? 
Again, many thanks.
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I mean while you're in high school! A vet coop while you're in high school is guaranteed usually and is great experience no matter how much previous animal experience you have. When you come to guelph they will only consider you for a volunteer position at the OVC  if you have previous vet clinic experience and a rabies vaccine completed. Once you get here, you'll find a vet clinic to volunteer/shadow at.
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I'm also in the same boat and would like to know what type of experience with animals is best for getting into vet school. I've only ever volunteered at an animal shelter so there's not much experience I gained from there since all I did was play with cats and walk dog. How do you get volunteer placements at vet clinics? I've tried to contact a few vet clinics but they all say they don't take volunteers. So where else can I gain experience?
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Hey! Honestly, you need to keep trying and you can't get discouraged. I think I called around to 15 vets until I finally found one that would take me. Just remember, for vet school you need 2 letters of references from 2 different vets at 2 different clinics. But other experience is great too. Although not necessary, try to get experience with a variety of types of animals!
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I went around and handed in cover letters and resumes into about 6 different vet clinics until I found one that would take me as a volunteer! Just be persistent! :)
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