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precal40s (grade12 math) help!!

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kay so im right now taking precal40s (for those you who don't know thats = grade 12 math) and its a pre req. for calculus which i need... to take next year when im actually in my grade 12 school year.
my problem is that i am currently doing terrribleee like terriblein the course.
I will pass, but it won't be a pretty pass.I was wondering if I should retake it again?? Cause i know u of t only looks like your calculus / English and this course won't be included in my top 6 either... so would it affect my transcript?
(the reason why im doing terribly is because my teacher doesn't really teach the material and he gives really hard tests)
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If it isn't in your top six or a prerequisite then the mark shouldn't matter. The only thing they may use it for is early acceptance. However,it may be worth taking it again to prepare for grade 12 calc because that mark WILL matter. You don't want to have to retake grade 12 calc because U of T gives preference to students with no repeated courses.

Also, your original grade from a course appears on your transcript whether you repeat the course or not.
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A photo of cakee cakee
thanks for the information :) im deciding to retake it again cause it will be better for universities im applying to other than U of T..
Does anyone know if Mcgill/UBC take the redone mark or the first mark or do they take the averaego f both marks??
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Don't blame your teacher. Precalculus/advanced functions is mostly straight forward algebra and trig. The concepts can be self-taught for the most part. If you aren't mastering them, then I suggest you either change your study habits or go into a field that does not require calculus.
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