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A photo of zahraKurd zahraKurd
i was wondering if i need to take pre-calculus in high school, because after i graduate from high school i'd love to major in pre- law. I can take something else like consumer math anything that deals with math??
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2 replies
A photo of Zion Zion
1) Pre-law isn't a major.

2) You won't need to use math directly, but lots of Arts faculties might require pre-calculus, so check with the specific schools.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
It depends what program you are interested in taking, certain programs have certain prerequisites. I am going to be in an Ethics & Society program in the fall, and I am taking Data for math. Math is not a prerequisite for my program but it may be for others. It's always a good thing to have one math course in grade 12 anyways.
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