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Prereq for Pharmacy?

A photo of DGmedscience DGmedscience
Hi, i was wondering if you needed to have a specific bachelors/honors before going to the next level (ex. life sci, biochem, health sci, etc)

Any info would help out greatly!

Also, is the UOIT pharmacy program any good?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Take Life science/health and then apply for pharmacy.

I don't think Uoit has pharmacy.

Also, check with Waterloo, if you have 90+ avg you can apply for pharmacy there and the spot is guaranteed as long as you complete first year.

what is your avg?
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A photo of ForeverPi ForeverPi
you don't need a bachelors to get into pharmacy. As long as you've completed all the requirements set by the university offering the pharmacy program, you are eligible to apply.

UOIT doesn't have a pharmacy program. ontario has two universities that offer the pharmacy program: Waterloo and UofT.

part of waterloo's requirement is that you must complete 2 years of undergrad before applying to their program. They also offer the CAP (conditional admission to pharmacy) program to high school students. You can read more about it here: http://www.pharmacy.uwaterloo.ca/future-students/cap-program
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A photo of DGmedscience DGmedscience
well my average is mid 70's so i will for sure have to do a few years before hand.
and i meant that uoit has courses that can lead you to pharmicist degree.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Nope, no specific undergrad degree..
But depending on the pharmacy school you apply to, they require certain undergraduate courses to have been taken.
Ask Matt, the one with the really long user.. he's in pharmacy!
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
^ I was going to respond but felt no need to. The answers have already been provided several times now. I guess I can be reassuring and state that the information provided here is all good stuff.

Also, the OP should keep an open mind about applying elsewhere. There are ten pharmacy schools in Canada: UBC, U of Alberta, U of Saskatchewan, U of Manitoba (essentially off-limits for anyone not from Manitoba), Waterloo, U of T, two schools in Quebec (both French-speaking), Dalhousie, and Memorial (Nfld). You're at a bit of a disadvantage coming from Ontario. The Ontario schools give no preference to students from Ontario, yet this preference given to in-province students is commonplace elsewhere. UBC and U of A give little preference; U of S has a quota (maximum number of out-of-province students), but it is fair; Dal and Memorial have pretty unfair quotas.

Applying to the States is tough and probably not worth your time. The pharmacy schools down there have some pretty ridiculous course requirements (e.g. public speaking, macroeconomics, US History from 1776-1865, etc...).
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