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I had adv. functions last semester, but I screwed up and got a 73%. So I decided to take it again this semester, but in private school. Will universities take my higher mark or average both the marks or not even consider the private school mark? The programs I'm applying for are Laurier BBA, McMaster Business 1, and Ryerson Business Management. But I'd like to apply to Queens Commerce also, even though it'd be pass the OUAC deadline, are there any disadvantages to this?
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Most universities take the higher mark and do not care where it comes from as long as it is accredited. The only unis I know of that takes marks off for repeated courses or does not look at repeated courses are waterloo and UT though you shouldn't take my word for it. Try researching this on each Uni's websites.

If you haven't already applied to Queens Commerce I'm not sure if you can get in. It's a highly competitive program (you should have a 90%+ avg) and their mandatory supplementry essay was due a couple of weeks ago. Though their final due date is March 1st so if you really want to get into Queens I suggest you apply now and submit that essay as soon as possible.
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