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I will be going to grade 12 this september and I will be taking the following courses at my day school:
Advanced Functions
Calculus and vectors

And I have just completed Grade 12 French (FSF4U) at a private school this summer.(mark: 95) In grade 11, my french mark was 91. And my overall average was 94%(I took english, math, biology, chemistry, physics, french and latin)

My problem is: I just found out that for our top six marks that we submit to university, we are not allowed to choose them. I know universities don't like private school marks, so I orginally planned to not count grade 12 french as one of the top 6 (even though I have a good mark). But now I am worried that if my french mark is higher than one or two of my other courses, it would HAVE to be included as one of my top 6.

I want to apply for the CA program at Waterloo. DO you think that they would mind if one of my top 6 courses included french which was taken in a private school? I am taking everything else (Advanced funcitons, calculus, english, etc. at my normal day school).

I am really worried. Please help. Thank you!

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Its well-accepted that Waterloo does not like private/summer school marks, and its clearly stated that there will be deductions for the faculty of math. You should seriously consider dropping a science or two so you can put in some mark boosters if you're concerned. Unless you're also planning to apply to something like life sciences, you'll just be overworking yourself for no real benefit. Either way, they won't completely deny you just because you have one private school mark. You still have a good chance as long as your other marks are good.
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Email them to find out for sure.

I think they might have problems with private school courses.

But if I was looking at your transcript I wouldn't have any problem just because you did well in the previous french class and your overall average is high. I say this because there are many people that take private school and increase there mark by 15-20 percent...and there other course marks are even close to the private school mark.
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