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Program Transfer from science to business

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Hey Everyone!

I am currently a life science student in my 2nd year at Mac. However I am looking to switch fields into accounting. My options are either a bcomm degree, at my current university, or a BA in Economics and Accounting at Laurier. I am looking for advice on which program would be better for future career paths. I have heard that bcomm is significantly better, is this true and why? Also how much do grades matter to employers vs. the degree students graduate with? I know I can get better grades in the BA program, (because I am a transfer student they will start my GPA off fresh, erasing all my previous bad marks), however if all employers require is a B+ to A-, then I can achieve that in either program.

Any feedback is really appreciated. Thanks!
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Your previous marks don't erase-they stay on your transcript even if you transfer schools and programs. If you want to go into business and do accounting a Bcomm, BBA or a BAcc(Brock, Waterloo) is required. Mac's business is decent and they offer all the credits needed to become a CA. Talk to an academic advisor.
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A photo of comicbookguy comicbookguy
Some universities do not accept transfers into their business/accounting programs. I am quite positive Waterloo does not but I'm not 100% positive about Laurier. Your best option is to transfer into Bcomm at McMaster or apply to Accounting at Brock. The downside to staying at Mac is you would have to get your masters degree there to have all the credits needed to become a CA. If you apply to Brock Accounting you would most likely also get into the co-op program. Brock is the better choice because it will cost less, provide you with experience and you will earn some money too.
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A photo of shawrama shawrama
^ hey respects

Are you sure about the transcript issue? I talked to an academic advisor at Laurier, and they told me that if i transferred to their program BA Econ & Accounting, that my previous GPA would just be taken into consideration for my admissions, but that once I am in the program, my GPA will only take into account courses I have taken there.

"Transfer credit will be considered for all courses passed but the course grades will not be included in the student's cumulative GPA at Wilfrid Laurier University.
Only courses taken at Wilfrid Laurier University will be included in the subsequent cumulative GPA. " --> From their website on transfer students.

And I have looked into Mac's Bcomm program, and it does meet the 51 credit requirement for CA, so I do not mind transferring to this program. However because I will still be a Mac student after the transfer, my poor 1st year marks will be included in my GPA.

My concerns is whether or not I should transfer to Laurier, to improve my cumulative GPA, but graduate with a BA degree, OR stay at MAc and complete a bcomm degree, with slightly lower marks.

So the questions really is how much does the degree you graduate with and the marks you have really matter when firms are looking to hire?

thanks for all the replies!
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@shawrama wrote
So the questions really is how much does the degree you graduate with and the marks you have really matter when firms are looking to hire?

The degree you graduate with (for accounting) isn't a big factor. BBA/BComm makes no difference, and even BBA/BComm vs BA won't be a huge factor (although it may hurt you a little).

Marks are important once you are at a certain level. Realistically you are looking at 80 and over to get a decent job in accounting (you can get jobs with lower averages but it could take longer and it will be harder). Once you are past that threshold marks aren't of huge importance. But often that's a quick way for employers to screen resumes- above 80 stays, below goes.

If you are seriously considering Laurier, just remember that you are going for a BA in Economics. While you will be taking a lot of accounting courses, there are a lot of economics courses, so you had better like it.

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