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A photo of Keiser561993 Keiser561993
Hey guys!
I'm taking PSE4U and I have a culminating activity about biomechanics of Badminton.
I have made a video of skill of an athlete and the question is how can I have projectiles from the video? (turning video into bunch of pictures)

I'm looking forward for your responses =)
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
Wait. Do you have a video and want pictures, or pictures and want a video?
I'm a bit confused.
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
well i'm sure there are programs that do that, but i don't know of any... Our teacher let us choose an alternate for the project last year so i didn't end up doing that one...
If you can't find a program in the end you could always pull the classic play the video and pause when you see something you'd want a picture of and do a print screen, then paste it to paint to get the image from it... It would take a while but it would work if you had to do that.
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A photo of taijakelly taijakelly
Pause the video on the spot that you want, click print screen on your key board. Go to paint click the box looking icon on the side the go on to the white page and right click paste. it should bring up your photo that you want and you save it to a document and there you go!
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