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A photo of Alexkesz Alexkesz
This is to all the Ivey/ upper year Queen's students, I'm thinking of becoming a prop trader in the future, I'm currently first year western BMOS/AEO and finished with a 87.5 average first semester. I don't think grades will be an issue in the future but i was wondering if anyone of you knew where to get started.
Any help is greatly appreciated
P.S. I heat they ask ridiculous math questions in your interviews for trading, eg. 175*204 and expect an answer, confirm or deny?
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Posting a question here on studentawards is pretty useless - most people don't know anything that specific about the business or finance world. I suggest Wallstreetoasis.com ! It's got some good stuff. And particularly for trading - Wilmot forums.
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