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Prospective Future: Genetics or Engineering

A photo of tabdalla tabdalla
Hey. So, I have a dilemma. As the title of the topic suggests, my future lies either within genetics or engineering. Personally, I love genetics. I've always wanted to do genetic counselling. So, I wanna ask if its a hard field to get in and how I should consider going about it. Also, would I have to work with any dead bodies? My backup plan is to be a chemical engineer. Ultimately, I do not want to be very far from my home Calgary.
My grades are like so:
(Predicted means I am taking the course currently and the end result is based on final exam)
English 20-1 75
Social 20-1 predicted 88-92
Math 20 Honours 99
Math 30 Honours Predicted 99
Chemistry 20 Honours Predicted 98
Biology 20 Honours 86
Biology 30 Honours 95
Biology 35 Predicted 4-5

I have not taken physics yet. However, I have done some quantum mechanics in chemistry and the subject seems very easy to me.

So, my questions are: What should I do for a career? Where should I study? What are my chances of getting a job in that field? and What are my chances of being accepted?
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
You very likely won't have to work with any dead bodies while studying to be a genetic counselor. Cadavers are just too hard to come by to be used by anyone who doesn't really need to use them.

Chemical engineering will pay better than genetic counseling. That's key difference #1. Key difference #2 is that genetic counseling is considerably more people-based than chemical engineering. If you like dealing with people, and you're capable doing so, then genetic counseling is probably something you'd like. Other than those two points, and the obvious ones (like one involving chemistry and the other involving biology), I don't think the two careers are too different. Either way, employers probably won't be knocking on your door, but you won't have a problem finding a job.

Where you go for undergrad isn't too important if you take the genetic counseling route. U of C would be a great place to go, and I'm certain you'd get accepted with marks like those.

Engineering, apparently, is school-reputation-biased. Personally, I think it gets exaggerated, but I'm not the person to ask there.
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Have you considered biochemical engineering? You kinda get the best of both worlds with that! Well its not exactly genetics, but its bio related :p

And for schools for engineering... you don't want to go there. Everyone will just give you the school their going to.... Guess the rule of thumb is, if you've heard of that engineering program through word of mouth, then its accredited enough for you to get a job from that school.
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