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PSE 4UO (Exercise Science)

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Just made a topic because it wasn't there. I'm taking this course right now. Currently get a 93 (highest mark). I no science experience. Last time I took science was in gr 10. I find this course easy but you have to spend time studying everyday. If you slack off it can hurt. I took the course because it seemed to be interesting and it worked with my schedule.


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@fxoqxc wrote
is it all memorization?

first unit...pure memory (skeletal system)
second unit...pure memory + connection with first unit (muscular system)
You can ace muscles by memory but recommend you to understand why.

Third Unit...most interesting by far...physiology (neural system...energy systems...cardiovascular system...respiratory system) Were not done it yet...but it does cover alot of material...but alot of concepts <--- you need to understand not memorize.

For those people who want to be doctors...take this course your gonna cover this stuff in uni...good starter.

Fun course!!!
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I loved this course! It was so fun, especially the first two or three units which were I think the skeletal and muscular system(along with the neuromuscular system) and the different energy systems. I really hated the group projects though -_-''

It's relatively easy as long as you're interested in the subject :)
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