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Psych 1000 at uwo

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Psych 1000 at uwo. Does anyone know anything about Wolf/Esson? I've heard Wolf is good, but haven't heard anything about Esson. I heard they use "clickers" ... is that a bad thing given that means attendance is pretty much essential? How about Fazkas? Biggs?

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www.ratemyprofessors.com is a good site for checking how professors are.

Based on that site, the professors ratings are the following

Fazakhas - 4.6/5 Overall Quality 3.8/5 Easiness

Wolf - 4.6/5 Overall Quality 4.2/5 Easiness

Biggs - 2.9/5 Overall Quality 2.5/5 Easiness

Atkinson - 4.5/5 Overall Quality 3.4/5 Easiness

On ratemyprofessors.com no ratings are avaliable for ' Esson . ' Im pretty sure it's because Wolf-Esson is actually that man's last name, it isnt two seperate profs, but I may be wrong.

So judging by those ratings, as long as you dont have Biggs you'll be fine.
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