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Psychology at Trent University vs. Brock University

A photo of Geokinesis Geokinesis
Hey there. :)

So I've applied for Psychology at both Trent Oshawa and Brock University. I liked both schools and found both of the campuses very well maintained and homey. I've been accepted by both now, and I just want some opinions either from alumni or even word of mouth about the Psychology programs at both, or just the school's in general!

Personally I would really love to go to Brock, but I just can't handle the costs of living in residence. If I go to Trent Oshawa, I get to stay home and save over $10,000 a year.

Opinions? Thoughts? Jokes? :P

Thanks! :D
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I compared the Course offerings from Brock and Trent and I feel that Brock has more courses which focus on the Biological perspective of behaviour. Either way it's an undergrad degree in Psych. Even though people say most undergraduate programs follow the same curriculum I believe that even minor differences in course offering can make a huge difference in the program.

A major deciding factor for me when I was applying was course offerings, I already know which area of Psych I want to pursue so I corresponded my interests with the course offerings available.

I understand finances are important to you!

What are of Psychology are you looking at getting into btw?
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A photo of Rockerchick94 Rockerchick94
I'd suggest go to brock, its WAY better then Trent university. However, instead of living on res, get an apartment w/ some trusted roomates? OR just live on res for the first year, then move into an apartment once you've gotten settled in :)

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