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Psychology at U of T

A photo of jovanaj94 jovanaj94
do i have to take bio or chem?
also, do they want a specific mark in english (a minimum mark they look at)?

thanks in advance :)
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A photo of christianbale christianbale
Ontario Secondary School Prerequisites

ENG4U, MCV4U. Recommended: SBI4U and SCH4U. Many programs also require or recommend SPH4U. Particular attention is paid to English and calculus.

The sciences are recommended :)

You probably need them to understand some of your 1st year classes.


I would aim for a low to mid 80s in English :cheese:
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A photo of jovanaj94 jovanaj94
Thanks :)
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A photo of ShelleyWatson ShelleyWatson
Mostly psychology deals with the study of personality, social behavior, development, abnormal behavior, cognition, perception, and behavioral neuroscience. Their research have many analytic approaches to the investigation of behavior and includes the study of both humans and animals.
As far as I know psychology at university of Toronto is a course which deals with the life sciences and is devoted to the understanding of behavior. Hence I think you would need to have a biology in your undergrad.

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