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I am wanting to study the BA in psychology (not sure what area I want to specialize in or what I would like to do after university yet) but am still undecided on where to go. Currently I am thinking either McMaster, Laurier, or Western. If anyone can give any help or information that would be appreciated.
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Choosing a specific school will require knowledge of what you plan to pursue after your undergraduate degree. If you want to work in an unrelated field, I don't think it will really matter. In most cases though, your undergrad education will be fairly good in any school you go to. Here are some of my own recommendations based on what I hear about different psychology programs from my professors.

Waterloo is a great school if you plan to pursue social psychology studies in grad school. The networking opportunities are amazing, and you will find that when you start applying to grad school for social psychology, many of the professors you will come across at other schools are Waterloo alumni. That really says something.

Toronto is a great choice as well due to its powerhouse faculty that is constant churning out new and exciting things. Again, great networking and research opportunities.

McGill was described as "one of the best, if not the best, psychology programs in Canada" by one of my professors when I asked him about grad school advice. Undergrad can't be that far off either.

Western is also a good choice

I've heard McMaster has a strong Arts & Science faculty but I haven't personally heard anything about their psychology program.

Laurier is meh.

If I had to discourage any school, that would be York; they learn in their 4th year what Waterloo students learn in their 2nd year, regarding research methods (or so I hear).
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