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Psychology in Toronto

A photo of IAmMe IAmMe
I'm a high school student looking to apply to a psychology program at an University in Toronto (Ryerson, UofT, York, etc). I have a couple of questions to either professors, current students, or alumni of psych. programs. I'm also open to anyone that has insight on the psychology programs!

1. What are the general high school prerequisites for psych? Is calc. one of them?
My current courses: EngU *taken in summer school
Adv. Functions
2. UofT Scarborough has co-op. Can I go to a different Uni. for about a year and then jump right into the UofT co-op program?
3. Child psych. is ultimately my main goal. What minors do you recommend?
4. Any comment/suggestions.
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A photo of AdriannaCote AdriannaCote
I'm doing a Bachelor of Science Honors specialization in Psychology, and you will want that calculus if you plan on doing a Bachelor of Science. A minor can be useful only if you plan on adding a field of interest(like a minor in leisure studies to work with community centers). If you want to be a child psychologist(I do too)plan on going to grad school. I would ask UoT about their coop as many schools run them differently. Hope that helps, feel free to message me with any other questions!
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A photo of IAmMe IAmMe
^^ thank you so much!
Is Calculus required, or is it just a recommend course? (will it give me an upper hand?) Also is grad school something that I have to apply to AFTER completing my bachelor at uni?
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A photo of AdriannaCote AdriannaCote
It was required for my program, and as a result of not having it I needed to do a make up course, putting me a course behind on my schedule. You generally need the Bachelors degree in order to apply to grad school, but it's good to think about now, especially if you already know what you plan on doing in grad school. (My top picks are Waterloo, Toronto and Victoria for grad school right now)
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