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Psychology! U of Waterloo, U of Toronto, co-op, general questions

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Hi! I have a few questions, and if you can contribute any amount of information/opinion, I would be immensely grateful. Thanks! :salut:

1) If my choices consisted of the Psychology (co-op) program at the University of Waterloo VS the University of Toronto's Cognitive Science program, which would you opt for? (As much detail as possible would be helpful)

2) Are there any other Universities in Canada that you would recommend for a person looking into (Clinical, Educational) Psychology?

3) Is taking a co-op in university stressful?

4) What was your general experience like taking Psychology/Cognitive Science in University (if any)?

Thanks a ton,

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I'm minoring in Psychology at Waterloo and it's actually really great. I had no idea I was even interested in Psych until I took the intro course for my bachelor of arts. The Psych profs at Waterloo are really great - especially Ennis.

That said, I can't exactly tell you which is best since I'm not majoring in the program and I have no idea what U of T's program is like.
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