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Public Relations (continuing studies/graduate)

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I'm thinking about applying for Public Relations at some point, but I'm unsure as to which university and/or college are notable for it. Humber College and Simon Fraser University seem to be two promising locations. Does anyone know an institution with an excellent public relations program for continuing studies or even for grad school?
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PR is a bit of a "weird" industry to get into as theres no direct path to get there. Theres a variety of different degrees you can receive which can take you there.

I think the biggest question is what have you done your undergrad studies in? If its something like business, communications, media studies, then you would probably be best looking into a continuing studies program, where you can get a 1 year certification/diploma of some kind.

If your undergrad is in something completely different, then a graduate program could be better.

Honestly, you probably won't get the best information from people here. I'd try to talk to people in PR right now and find out how they got there. Maybe even call up some PR firms and ask what the best route is to get there.
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