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QEII - Review?

A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
I received $0 from the QEII scholarship, and I noticed that it says you can ask for a review until November, does anyone know how?
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A photo of dyd dyd

I also got a review and got approved for $3500 QEII. My average was 78%. First, you need to contact your financial aid office of ur school and get an address. Then, write an appeal letter to that address explaining what are the special circumstances that made u get below 80%. For example, mine was family illness. Be sure to have any supporting docs attached with the letter.

Hope this helps.
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
Thanks for your help, but I had a 92%+ average. It shows that I applied to it, but I'm confused why I didn't even get the $100 minimum. Anyone know how I can request a review?
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A photo of ikillreid ikillreid
Are you a returning uni student? That's really strange.

If you're in high school, applying for the award, it's possible that you did not rank high enough among your graduating class.

I'm assuming you're a returning university student though, and in that case I would contact the financial aid office at your respective University.

Good luck.
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