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QEII renewal

A photo of VinceM34 VinceM34
I recently found out that I will be getting the full amount of the QEII Scholarship. I was among the highest in my high school, and demonstrated financial need. However next year, when I go to renew this scholarship, I'll have to indicate that my fathers income has increased sufficently, and I know I won't be requiring as much financial assistance,if any at all. I'm wondering if this will change the amount of the QEII scholarship? Has anybody been in a similar situation? If yes, what should I expect?

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A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
They will re-assess your financial need every year you renew and deduct the amount of money you get. In your case, the amount of scholarship will probably go down to $100.
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A photo of phoenixflame phoenixflame
The above poster is wrong, the information they gave.

I am a 2nd yr uni student and went through the same situation, and your QE2 amount stay constant for all years, as long as you keep above 80% average they do not not look at financial need. Your OSAP grants&loans will go down however, because of the scholarship and increase in parental income.

OSAP and QE2 are seperate things , keep that in mind. One is a scholarship and the other is government assistance.
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A photo of VinceM34 VinceM34
Thanks for the post Phoenix.

My financial aid office told me that my amount wouldn't change, but I figured I should ask someone who has been in a similar situation to double check.
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A photo of ikillreid ikillreid
+ 1 phoenix.

The amount doesn't change each year.
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