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QEIIA4T renewal question

A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
I'm going into an accounting program at Waterloo where the tuition jumps from 2-3000 in first year to over 7000 in the second year.

I think I received enough bursaries and scholarships to cover my first year, so I may not get the full $3500 QEII scholarship, but I'll definitely need that in my upper years.

So when I apply for renewal, will they give me the same amount of money they gave me in first year or will they re-assess my financial need and give me the full amount?
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A photo of BusterBaxter BusterBaxter
From what I have read on the OSAP website, your QEII amount can only go down after your yearly reassessment.

It's unfortunate for those who could/would have gotten the full amount, and needed it later on, but instead are left with the basic merit amount of $100 for the next four years.
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A photo of kaytotz kaytotz
Has anyone ever received QEII after not applying to it right out of high school.

I'm a gap year student(not victory lapper) by the way and did not think to apply and defer it :(
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A photo of dbdudgh dbdudgh
I would think that you can still apply for osap and QEII as normal.. you'll just have to indicate that you've graduated in 2010.
I suggest you email the UW financial aid office and ask like I did 5 minutes ago :)
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