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Quebec CEGEP student applying to U of T for M.E. : help

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I am a CEGEP student applying to uni now.

U of T uses % system as their cut-off range. In quebec they use CRC scores, another system that compares you with the rest of your grade.
I'd love to study in ME or ES program at UofT. UofT's website says that they do consider the crc score for cegep students, but they do not display the actual cut-offs. so since my marks are only mid-high, I don't know my chances at all.

So would somebody more knowledgeable in this matter help me out? I'd like to save my 300 dollars if my chances are slim. Also , I have only applied to mcgill at ME so far, whose cut-off is 27.5. Am I looking good for that or should I consider applying to more anyways just to be safe? Here are my science crc scores that matter:

Calculus I-------------------------------33.795
Calculus II------------------------------31.560
Linear Algebra---------------------------31.065

General Chemistry------------------------31.970
Chemistry of Solutions-------------------31.340

Mechanics -------------------------------35.660
Waves, Optics and Modern Physics---------35.280
Electricity and Magnetism ---------------32.335

my overall crc is 29 point something. but my science avg is 32.
would mcgill accept a person with higher overall when the science avgs are close?

thank you in advance!

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