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Queens - Cannot afford....

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I am able to finance first two years at Queens through OSAP (13K), Admission Bursary (6.2K), Admission Scholarship (2K), and work study term.

But what about my upper years? I will not be able to finance my education through osap as it will only give me approximately 13K. While my tuition is only 13.5K.. what about books? food? res? !

My parents only earn 20K a year for a family of six with no savings, even them wanting to contribute they don't have much to pull out of their pockets...

What would you do ? Financial advice please.
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
Ok well you can save a ton of money by not living at residence even first year, you can rent out a place in kingston nearby for a lot cheaper.

Also summers during uni are what 4 months? you can work full time then, should make a decent amount.
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Well there are also MANY in-course scholarships and you can reapply for bursaries every year. That, combined with working in the summers, should help. :)
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A line of credit is also an option. Although since you have likely have no one to cosign your interest rate will be high (Although rates are stupidly low these days thanks to a good ol recession). It would not be unreasonable to think you could obtain around $30,000

Maximize your summer work hours as well. No strip clubs

Edit: Line of Credit info: http://www.studentawards.com/Forum.aspx?g=posts&t=5983

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