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Queen's admission question

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Last semester I only took 2 uni courses because i wanted to take auto as a life skill (don't ask why). I managed to get an 80 in history but only a 76 in english. This semester I have just recently received mark updates in all 4 of my university courses, 91 in Interdisciplinary Studies(IDC4UO), 90 in Comm Tech(CJG4MO), 82.3 in World History(CHY4UO) and 81 in World Issues(CGW4UO). I submitted my PSE on Feb.14 but I don't feel that my semester one marks were strong enough to get into the General Arts program at Queen's (BAH). Based on my semester 2 marks, assuming that they stay the same or if they go up between now and midterms do I have a shot at the General Arts program at Queen's(If so, when would I expect to hear from them)? Has my low English mark screwed my chances at getting into Queen's? Anyways, let me know what you think and thank you for your time!
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