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A photo of LivingTheLife LivingTheLife
I am a British Columbia students and on the Queen's website it says we need to take Calculus 12 OR Mathematics 12. I noticed that all the other provinces are taking courses like calculus, functions, and data. We dont have these options in BC. So would I be better off getting 90+ in Mathematics 12, OR 80 in calculus?

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A photo of jennyau jennyau
If you're average is 87+, either is fine. However a 90+ plus definetly looks more impressive than an 8- in calculus, but calculus will help. One of the first year courses is a calculus class, and you will be at a slight disadvantage not having taken calculus before.
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A photo of LivingTheLife LivingTheLife
I was thinking of doing the regular Mathematics 12. Would doing Calculus 12 in summer school after graduation be an option? Just so i have some sort of back ground in Calculus. I am currently in Pre-Calculus 11.
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A photo of ChristianLegazpi ChristianLegazpi
Oh wow, I have never actually noticed that it says Math 12 OR Calc12.
I am a BC student, and I am in both courses. I'm at a 85+ in Math but below 60 in Calculus...

My Avg will be around 90 (Math, English + 2 courses)
Will my incredibly low percentage of calculus lower my chance? If not, ruin my whole entire chance?
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A photo of LivingTheLife LivingTheLife
Sorry I honestly have no idea. Ya i looked over all of prerequisites extensively and I believe BC is 1 of the only provinces that allow either. Im just going to take the regular math, maybe precalc 12. My EC's are awful though so I gotta pick it up with that.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
For Queen's admissions, get the better mark. But for science, you do take a Calc course first year, so just keep that in mind. EC's are very important for Queen's, because they actually read PSE's.

- Queen's Sci 2nd Year
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