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Queen's Arts&Science Course Selection (Please Help!)

A photo of alee101 alee101
For fall semester of 2011,
I chose Global Development Study (100A)
Film (110A) and Psychology (100A) as of right now..
But I have no idea how much unit they worth..
Do they worth 6 units each?
Because I found out that economics, history, and math (my winter semester courses)
are all weighted as 6 units.
But I heard that in university, generally people take 5 courses each semester (each worth 3 credits)
Is it slightly different in Queen's?
I'm just so confused now.. Can someone help me out pleaze?
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A photo of treecows treecows
They changed it around this year
3.0 credits is a half year course.
6.0 credits is a full year course.

When you're just talking about it though, most people just say half credit or full/one credit since this 3.0/6.0 thing is silly.
Students usually take 30.0 credits a year (aka equivalent to 5 full credits which is 5 courses a semester)

FILM110, DEVS100 and PSYC100 are all full year courses.

Just general advice - if you don't plan on majoring in psych or econ, don't take them. They're GPA killers.
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