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Queen's ASQ Login Problem

A photo of victoriachiu victoriachiu
I wonder if anyone is applying for Queen and for me, I need to do the PSE. But everytime I try to login, it ask me to update my email address, whenever I updated it, it said " S01 SEGMENT ADROOT IS NOT ON THE DATA BASE", I can't even click the proceed button to PROCEED... What's happening?
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A photo of Zion Zion
E-mail them. They seem to be having lots of technical difficulties lately.
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A photo of MeiLamFong MeiLamFong
I'm applying to Queen's too!
It may be due to a glitch or I'm scared if it's the numerous applications that's being sent in...(like how sometimes ouac's computer systems may freeze from all the data sent in)
Should be fixed soon though...
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A photo of AlikaK AlikaK
I'm having problems with logging in too. It's SO frusturating! I was really annoyed because I as attempting to log on to the Burger King Scholarship site, and that wasn't working so I was like "okay... I'll go work on my PSE for Queen's" But nope... that didn't work either. Anyways, enough with my story :P I emailed them using the online form thing for computer support. They emailed me back asking for some more info and said they'll look into it. Still not done and I sent it in half a week ago, but they better be doing something! Good luck!
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A photo of treecows treecows
Be patient, they should fix it within the next week when the university comes back from the holiday.
Queen's has the worst technology ever, its from like the 90's when the internet was getting discovered haha. They're shifting over to a new software, and I think admissions was one of the first to switchover, so it's bound to be glitchy!
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