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Queen's Commerce Admission Deadlines and Chances

A photo of jerryc9309 jerryc9309
I am 105 applicant. With avg 91.8. Good ECs, but so-so essays.
I just got reject by rotman a few days ago and very disappointed right now.
Now my onli hope is QC. How do you noe if you are accepted?
I heard queens doesnt update very fast but they send mails instead.
Is the deadline this friday? again how do we check for admission or rejects?
I heard ppl saying how queens might already have a decision for you, but they just wont post on the student solus center, and mailing is taking long. Is it likely to happen "?
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A photo of Chara Chara
When I was accpeted it came up on my SOLUS two weeks before I got the mail.
So I'd say just keep checking there.

Not sure about any of the deadlines or anything though.

Good luck!
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