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Queens Commerce Admissions

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Hey guys!

So let me explain my situation before I ask my question.

I applied to Telfer and Sprott for Commerce, and OttawaU for Biomed (As a back up). I already got accepted to Telfer and Sprott with $8000 at each (over 4 years) with early acceptance of grade 11 marks. (Grade 11 average of 85)

This is what I have now after first semester:
English: 90
Functions: 88
Biology: 90

I have Calculus, Law, and French this semester.

I am currently in Student Council, Social Justice, Drama Club, Peer Mentor, President of Newspaper Committee, and Core Leader.

Just yesterday (Feb. 5) I changed my Biomed choice to Queens Commerce and made it my first choice. Is there any possible way that I would still be considered for admissions?
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