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Queens Commerce Referee

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So i got my QC account and checked the application, and Step 2 after writing your PSE and general essay is to provide ONE referee.

is this true? I was surprised they only asked for one reference.. and it says preferably a school teacher or principal that knows a lot about your different ECs.

The thing is, my teacher supervisor only knows my involvement in the particular activity THAT SHE WAS SUPERVISING..

I dont know one single person, that knows a lot of my ECs, besides my parents and friends.

What should i do? who should I put as my reference since youre only allowed to put one?

Heres a picture of what i mean:

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A photo of QueensCommerceTyler QueensCommerceTyler
My advice would be to pick a teacher, then go over your PSE with him/her before you submit it so they are aware of what you're putting. Putting a parent or friend is probably a bad idea.
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