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QUEEN'S engineering application

A photo of jfuckingp jfuckingp
I applied to Queens through OUAC for civ eng(not like it matters) but I havent heard back from them. For instance, UofT, ryerson, waterloo emailed saying they got the application & I received further info in the mail. So, i was wondering does anyone know how queens goes about the appliations or should i wait until the break is over & call em up?
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A photo of blackjack blackjack
When did you apply? Queens took almost a month for them to send me a email of acknowledgment. And I think Queens might be closed for a week or so during holidays? not too sure about that. But yea Queens is pretty slow
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A photo of Zion Zion
Relax. Some universities take over a month to respond.
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A photo of Nyx Nyx
^ agree
You'll be fine, but if you want you can call them....it's not really that important.
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