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Queen's Engineering Floor

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What do you know about the engineering floor at queen's? would you suggest it?
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Um, YES.
This is SCI 14's engfloor resident of room 309a, speaking. And if you pick engfloor you are on the right track to being a slightly less lame frosh.

Engfloor is a ticket to success. Everyone is in the same boat as you (+ or - the 2 artscis that end up there by technical error every year) so there is always someone working on the same assignment and stuff. Especially if your lab sections are later in the week (mine were fridays) you can always copy from someone else in a different super section. I found on Engfloor I got a lot of information that I would have missed out on if I hadn't been surrounded by other engineers. (TAs hosting cram sessions, and such)

Besides being an academic source, engfloor is also your best party source, if that is your thing. Most importantly, everyone has the same midterms and assignments as you, so on those stressful weekends it is relatively quiet. There are so many Engfloor traditions and stories, that you will discover when you are there. We made the school newspaper this year with a feature on our shenanigans :P

Engfloor is really welcoming to all engineers that want to come hang out on the weekends for fun (or for homework help). We had one MATLAB assignment in December where I specifically remembering probably meeting everyone in our year because it was so difficult. Engfloor was so popular this year that we didn't get a dedicated common room. It wasnt a big deal, because the tables that we used to throw balls in cups doubled as group powwow surfaces earlier in the day.

DO ITTTT. If you don't get engfloor, dont worry because you can always visit regularly. Engfloor is good for adopting randoms. We even give them beds sometimes.
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