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Queen's Entrance Scholarship

A photo of jeffreyT jeffreyT
So I got accepted to Queen's but it was before midterms were sent out so my marks aren't that great, but with the subjects I have this semester, I have a 90 average which qualifies for an entrance scholarship, but I didn't get it along with my offer since I got it before midterms. When and how will they contact me in regards to my entrance scholarship? And do I have to maintain my 90 all the way to finals for them to honour it or could I still fall slightly below that 90? :S
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A photo of Seymz Seymz
yo. they will review your transcript again in july and let you know then. so in order to get the first level entrance scholarship ($2000 - i suppose you're a canadian citizen/perm rez) you need to have at least a 90%. cant let it slide.
good luck bro. I am in the same situation. Queen's is my top (suppose it's your's too). so we gotta hang in there.
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A photo of Nyx Nyx
^ yep, you need a 90% final average. I don't think they even look at your midterms if you've already been accepted...just keep working, only 2 more months left!
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A photo of Business1234 Business1234
uhm, if u receive a scholarship, $2000, in the letter it says, u can drop to 80% and they will still honor ur scholarship, they cant reject urs, but only increase ur scholarship amount
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