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Queens Net ID problem

A photo of username101 username101
Ok. I just activated my Queens portal and it says i have 116 minutes...

What is the 116 minutes for?

Also, What do I have to do fully i dont really get... I know that I have to:

1) List all my activities in 90 characters
2) Answer these three questions

1. In 300 words (1950 characters with spaces), or fewer, briefly describe one time when you acted
as a leader of a team or group, and another time when you acted as a member of a team or
group. Tell us what you have learned about yourself in both roles—as a leader and as a team

2. In 300 words (1950 characters with spaces), or fewer, please describe the steps you have taken
to ensure that Commerce/Business is an appropriate field of study and potential career for you.

In an essay of 300 words, or fewer (approximately 1950 characters with spaces),
write about your goals for your time at Queen’s University and beyond. Your answer
will be evaluated for content and writing styl3

Anything else?
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
Why don't you login and look at the "To Do" list? Once there's nothing left, you can start the waiting game.
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