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Queen's or Carleton - I'm confused?!

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So, I've been accepted by both Queen's and Carleton U. I'm having trouble deciding where I want to go. I've been admitted to the Science (Honours) program at Queen's and I'm still waiting for my offer letter to arrive in the mail (just checked my email an hour ago and was shocked lol). At Carleton, I've been accepted to the Science, Honours program in the Experimental Physics stream (supposedly an "elite" program) with COOP and a 16k scholarship. After scrutinizing the details, I'd say Carleton has given me a MUCH better offer. They really want me to attend their university.

However, I've never been to either Ottawa, or Kingston. I've also been out of Canada for the past 4 years, and I plan on returning in August to start my undergrad. studies. I will be living off-campus, without any family members or friends close by, so my first year at university will most likely be tough. I don't have any contacts in either of the two cities, so I'm forced to resort to online services for roommates. My father will probably stay for a week or something with me and then leave. Oh, and I'll have limited funds.

By now you've probably concluded that Carleton is the ideal place for me as I'll have a scholarship and the COOP potential to help me gain some money. However, I'd like to know which city you people think is "better". I enjoy quiet places with beautiful scenery, and would prefer decent weather. How is Kingston like? Is it "boring"? Are there places to go to on holidays and such? How about Ottawa? My friends here in South Asia keep telling me to go to Queen's because it has a "better" rank. They don't understand my situation at all, and I ignore their opinion most of the time, but does rank really matter that much?

Also, any idea if I'll find roommates more quickly in one city than another? Stupid question, I know. But still, am I more likely to find places to live in one city than another?

Well... I've run out of things and details to write down. Any sort of help/opinion will be appreciated :)
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All right, before I begin, I am incredibly biased in towards your post but here is my input. Queen's has a reputation that exceeds Carleton by miles. Both Kingston and Ottawa are amazing cities, Kingston is smaller and quieter though. The campus at Queen's is old and historic. Queen's also has a school spirit that will make you be proud to be a Gael. As far as finding a room mate goes, you can contact Queen's community housing and they will help you look for a place, here is a link to their website: http://community.housing.queensu.ca/looking-for-a-place-to-live/. I assume it would be fairly easy to find a place to stay in Ottawa but I couldn't tell you for sure. There is also a great apartment complex just north of campus known as princess towers, a friend of mine currently lives in there and hasn't said anything bad about it, here is a link to their site: http://princesstowers.com/. It is fairly easy to meet new people at Queen's in or out of residence, you should have no trouble finding room mates. In the end it is your choice but I guarantee you will be challenged more at Queen's. Hope this helped!
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