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Queen's or UOttawa for Political Science

A photo of alexalepera alexalepera
Hey, everyone I was just wondering what people's thoughts on Queen's and UOttawa.
I've recently narrowed it down two these to school's being my favorites
Which do you think has the better program for Political Science?
And all in all which is the best school in you opinion.
The help would be greatly apreciated.

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A photo of ariadne89 ariadne89
Both are decent programs. Queen's Polisci has some well-known, accomplished profs, but Ottawa, being in the capital, probably has more opportunities for political networking, competitive internships and positions with parties. You also have a better chance of learning/improving your French at Ottawa than you do at Queen's (Ottawa's French program is definitely better), which is essential if you do want to go into any kind of government work.
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